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Markets and Temples in Chiang Mai

sunny 32 °C

Early morning breakfast at Tapae Place Hotel and then a mind boggling wander through the flower market and the huge Warorot market where virtually everything is sold. We transferred via red truck to the Parasol Inn on the other side of the old town, and then left with Jeannie and Ross for a day of markets and temples here there and everywhere, returning for dinner and tour orientation with the rest of the Global Pilgrim Thailand Cultural Exposure group. We are 15 in all, with 2 guides, and begin our tour tomorrow with a visit and craft session at a girls' orphanage in nearby Mae Rim.

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We're in Chiang Mai!

sunny 30 °C

We were up early at Chai Lai Orchid to pack, have breakfast and check out, then take a "troop carrier" taxi for an hour to our hotel for the night in Chiang Mai, near the Night Market in the old town. Buddhist temples, beautiful fabrics, tantalizing restaurants and shops are everywhere here! We walked the streets to get a feel of the area before meeting our friends, Jeannie and Ross White, and heading for Bosang where umbrellas and other handcrafts are made. Took the public minibus (troop carrier style) and explored lots of shops as well as the Umbrella Centre. We returned to downtown Chiang Mai by minibus again (Ross enjoyed hanging off the back like a local!), enjoyed a very nice Thai dinner and then wandered through the Night Market back to the Tapae Place Hotel. More room to manoeuvre here than in the Serene Bungalow and better WiFi. Tomorrow we join the rest of the group at the Parasol Hotel not far away. We are hoping to fit in a city tour in advance to get a better understanding of Chiang Mai as a whole.

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Hiking and Elephant Riding from Chai Lai Orchid

sunny 28 °C

Early mornings here in the hills by the river are misty and cool so we wisely chose to hike into the village and ride/wash the elephants in the afternoon. Even this small village has an impressive temple and of course beautiful flowers and plants are everywhere. Elephants move in slow-motion it seems, but ours were perhaps slower than most as Catriona's voice did not apparently carry the tone of authority needed to encourage hers to lead a little faster! The river-bath at the end was a treat they enjoyed, despite rafts coming by, and amateurs like us doing the splash/rub-down! Lazy late afternoon watching the river traffic and the elephants...Not many photos again as the WiFi here comes and goes, so I'm hoping to get this post out as well as the one lost yesterday before it winks out again...

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Hiking and Rafting near Mae Wang

sunny 24 °C

We slept from 7pm to 7am and woke refreshed to take the long hike into the hills with our local guide Sing, and Katie and Robert from Berlin.
Lots of ups and downs and interesting things to see: mimosa (touch-sensitive plant), rice terraces (dry right now), water buffalo and Karen families living on the heights. Sing cooked us curry chicken and eggplant for lunch at the waterfalls (very cold showers all round!) and we hiked again finally out to the road and a back-of-the-truck ride to the bamboo raft put-in on the Mae Wang River. An hour later we landed at Chai Lai, a little soggy but refreshed by the cool rive water after an energetic day we needed after so much airplane/port sitting.

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Chai Lai Orchid Resort and Elephant Sanctuary

sunny 27 °C

A day and a half of travelling finally brought us to the Chai Lai Orchid Resort, north of Chiang Mai on a small river that runs out of the mountains beyond.
Our little "serene bungalow" is perfectly set among the pathways above the river on the edge of the jungle. We enjoyed watching the elephants bathe and helped feed them coconuts and bananas - rewards for a good day's work with the tourists! Looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight, even one with full mosquito tent netting (!), and then going for a good hikein the morning...WiFi here not up to many photos, so just a couple for now:

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